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    januk| 134 posts

    matty11111 posted


    I wonder what bananas are known as in some parts of China.


    well, guess we all have a picture in mind {#Insert smilie}

    preferring rather less of everything, ... though that in exquisite quality instead.

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    13 Mar 2012 @ 09:22

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  • Mad_Stalin| 23 posts

    maybebaby posted


    I do it too and everyone thinks I'm crazy! I find it so odd the people who cut it in half and use a spoon for it! Weirdo's!


    We should start a support group.


    LGBTKSE- the lesbian gay bi trans kiwi skin eaters, we are a proud people and we deserve equal rights, and kiwi skins {#Insert smilie}

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    18 Mar 2012 @ 07:06

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