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    Galaxy Chocolate - Audrey Hepburn Ad

    Started by legolas| 11438 posts

    Anyone seen this Ad? I saw it last night and, ah nostalgia {#Insert smilie}  Here's the Ad Video address; 

    Galaxy Chocolate’s Facebook post linking to its latest advertisement reads, “Just for you, here's our brand new Galaxy advert, featuring a very special Galaxy girl.”

    The Galaxy girl they’re referring to? A resurrected Audrey Hepburn, who died in 1993. reports Hepubrn’s likeness was created with a combination of footage shot on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and computer-generated imaginery (CGI) animation of the actress.

    The commercial for the candy, which is owned by Mars, opens with the song Moon River (which Hepburn sang in 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s), and a shot of the mountain side. The camera then zooms in to show a bus stuck on the road behind a tipped fruit cart.

    Hepburn, as passenger on the bus, peaks in her purse to see a Galaxy chocolate bar, then out her window at a man in a convertable who invites her to join him. She hops off the bus, into the back seat of the man’s car and pops a piece of the Galaxy chocolate bar in her mouth as they ride off into the distance.

    Hepburn’s sons, Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti, have control of her estate and issued a statement in support of the ad.

    However, the spot has garnered some criticism. On the Galaxy Facebook page, the comments were mixed. While Mark Graham writes, “I saw it last night on TV. Really well done,” others weren’t so excited about the spot.

    Katie-Ellen Freeland says, “I absolutely hate this ad!! They've obviously got a look-a-like and also kind of computerised her on-top! Found this ad really disturbing, which is a shame as I love Audrey Hepburn and Galaxy!!

    And Tracy Noodle Lockyer says, “One of the worst adverts ever, it’s just creepy and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t like this advert at all.”

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    02 Mar 2013 @ 13:33

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    Dwolfe| 866 posts

    Ahhhh Audrey she truly was one in a billion and a true icon, voted the most beautiful woman of the last century and I don't doubt that. Even her screen performances just sucked you in, with her grace and every little nuance of that perfect face of hers just made you convinced and somehow want to hug her.

    Love her, she never really took to the star/diva role, opting for privacy she shyed away from publicity except for her charity work for Unicef and other causes for the impoverished, as she was a victim of famine during the NAZI blockade of the netherlands when they stopped all food from entering the cities as a punishment for resistance and to divert food resources to germany, she suffered starvation with the rest of the Dutch.

    We will never get the likes of her again with her innate talent and the way the star/celeb culture is. She died a very painful and polonged degenerative death from stomach cancer. in 1993.

    But here is the scene where that song is taken, its wonderful, From Breakfast at Tiffanys. 


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    02 Mar 2013 @ 13:33

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